Studies in Early Byzantine Gold Coinage

Hahn & Metcalf

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ANS, 1988. 142 pages and 24 black and white plates.

While the Roman and Byzantine gold coinage has been the focus of a great deal of study, it is still not possible to produce a synthetic monograph on all aspects of the subject. A number of contributions brought together to try to demonstrate how progress has been made possible through new or refined methods as well as evidence from new finds.


The Joint Reign Gold of Justin I and Justinian I byu William E. Metcalf

The Monte Judica Hoard and the Sicilian Moneta Auri under Justinian I and Justin II by Niall Fairhead and Wolfgang Hahn

Carthage: The Moneta Auri under Justinian I and Justin II 537-578 by Cecile Morrisson

The Minting of Gold Coinage at Thessalonica in the Fifth and Sixth Centuries and the Gold Currency of Illyricum and Dalmatia by D.M. Metcalf

Seventh-Century Byzantine Coins in Southern Russia and the Problems of Light Weight Solidi by John Smedley

Microchemical Analysis of the Metal Content of Some Eighth-Century Coins of Rome and Ravenna by Wolfgang Hahn

The Debasement of the Provincial Byzantine Gold Coinage from the Seventh to Ninth Centuries by W.A. Oddy