Greek Coins and Cities

Norman Davis

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As its title indicates, this book is presented as an introduction to Greek coinage within the framework of the world which created it. It is hoped that it will speak directly to the many who are interested in Greek art and civilization, but who find specialized numismatic terms difficult. Its aim is to bridge some part of the gap between the numismatist and the layman, and to help the latter to set this fascinating area of Greek art in it time historically, and in its place geographically. We commence with an account of the origin of coinage in the western world, how coins were made, how valued, and of the spread of coinage to Greek communities throughout the Mediterranean. Then come photographs of one or two coins of each important, and some not so important cities of the Greek world. With the technical description of each coin there is an explanation of the origin and meaning of the figures and emblems on the coin, the location of the city or state of issue, and some account of its legend and history. The arrangement is geographical so that, coins in hand so to speak, we journey with them far and wide round the cities and states of the Greek world, vividly alive through the centuries with the creation and development of so much that is precious to our own time.

1967. 221 pages, illustrated.