The Lost Girls

John Bankston

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Teens are disappearing from The Academy. One Saturday night, Sheila LaRoche doesn’t come home. Everyone says the world-famous musician is overseas. Casey doesn’t believe it. Her dorm mate was helping her prep for a big audition. She wouldn’t have just ghosted her. Plus, Casey found her passport. How’d she travel without it? More troubling, who was the boy lingering outside their dorm, comfortable in a t-shirt despite the November chill?

Casey soon digs up more secrets buried at The Academy. The first teen who disappeared is identical to the boy she saw. Except, he went missing twenty years ago. Ten years ago, an Academy student was murdered. She looked just like the girl Casey saw playing a cello inside an empty classroom. Casey discovers there’s more than one way to be ghosted...

The first in a series set at The Northeast Kingdom Academy, Lost Girls is filled with building tension and escalating horror. The elite music school exists in a giant dead zone, a corner of Vermont with little cell or internet service.