Ancient Coin Collecting, Volume VI: Non-Classical Cultures

Wayne G. Sayles

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As important as the Greek and Roman cultures were in forming the basis for modern society, we are just as fascinated by the mysterious and romantic non-classical players on the stage of history. Darius of Persia; Boudicca, warrior queen of the Iceni; Charlemagne; Saladin; and countless others left their mark, and their coinage survives as a living testament to their greatness.

Collecting coins from these cultures is a field rich with rewards, and this final volume in the Ancient Coin Collecting series is your guidebook to exploration and success. Spanning 1,500 years o numismatic history, this user-friendly, intuitive guide sheds new light on coinage that has mistakenly been thought of as too complex. Find out for yourself just how understandable and collectible this coinage can be.