Altered Consequences

Michelle Price

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Set in the mid-1920s, this multi-generational saga, Altered Consequences, chronicles the lives of Salvatore and Mac, whose once enduring friendship faces the challenges of tumultuous times. Two orphan boys become blood brothers and plan their futures together. The economic crash forces each to go forth in the world alone.

Salvatore goes to the city where Prohibition, bootlegging, and organized crime and devastating secrets become part of his daily life. Headstrong and single-minded, Mac is trapped and isolated, only miles away. In this unrelenting time, he struggles to understand the complexities of sex and love, and faces truths about freedom and responsibility.

In the ensuing decades, Salvatore and Mac’s life choices affect their very survival. Will their decisions endanger all they hold dear? Is there hope for rekindling their relationship, or are they destine to forge ahead alone?